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Over all the years I have been running the members website I have had so many nice emails from members I thought I would create a testimonials page so anybody thinking of joining can see what others think.

If you would like to add your own testimonial please Email Me


and I will add it to the page.

Many thanks for you help and advices during the past few years, we have always known that our membership was well served by you.
Charlie and Tona (January 2014)

During my years of membership of your dri-members website I always found it excellent value for money. It is a first class vehicle for keeping in touch with what is going on in DRI, for sharing hints & tips on getting best value from DRI membership & for tapping into the views of many other members. The site reviews were particularly helpful to me & guided my selection of holiday venues on many occasions. Finally, when I decided to give up my DRI points I found the members website a very effective & efficient method of disposing of my points, at the same time as making it all a relatively painless & stress free process(obtained from the dri-members website) for myself. Thank you for being the architech, owner & manager of this excellent DRI member facility.

I wish you every success for your DRI members future.

Regards, John (January 2014)

We have now relinquished our points so no longer members, the time we were on the members site was always extremely informative and helpful.
Kind Regards Jeanette. (January 2014)

I am grateful for the help and assistance you have provided to date. I am also grateful for the various information you have initiated. Please keep up your good work I am sure many have benefited.
Brian (January 2014)

Many thanks for your guidance during the early part of our transfer process, and for the years of interesting and useful bulletins on behalf of DRI members. Wishing you and yours all the very best for the future.
John and Marion (January 2014)

Dear Tony we have recently transfered our point to a friend, and therefor will no longer be a member,I would like to thank you for all your hard work, and wish you all the best for the future your sincerly Nick (January 2014)

Hi Tony , thanks for reminding me about my membership . It has been very useful in the past but now I no longer have a timeshare I am no longer able to take advantage of the information and have lost touch. I therefore reluctantly wish to cancel my membership but thank you for all your help in the past and wish you and all involved, every success in the future . Happy Holidays Sylvia (February 2014)

Hello Tony, we will not be renewing our membership this year. We very reluctantly relinquished our points in January last year due to my husbands age and health, but we continued with your site for another year out of interest. We had some great holidays and your site was a real help full of information and advice. Hope it continues in the future. Thank you Claire (February 2014)

Sorry for not replying earlier but I will not be renewing my membership as age has caught up will us and we are no longer members of Diamond. Many thanks for the years I have been a member and enjoyed reading your E/mails and your Web-site and information you have passed on to us. All the best to you and Mrs Pearce and hope you have many more holidays in Tenerife. Yours Charles & Dorothy (February 2014)

As one of the founder members of your group,I have been very happy with it,finding it full of interest,and information. George (July 2014)

We haven't sold our points but are winding down and will probably not go abroad again so I have decided not to renew our membership with you but would like to thank you for all the advice and help that this site has given us in the past. Jean (July 2014)

Dear Tony,

I am no longer a member of DRI, as I let go of my points earlier this year thanks to the members website!

I advertised them for free on the members site and they were taken, which has saved me financial worries in my coming retirement. The process of transfer was simple with the organisation's guidance.

The members site was most helpful to me during my time and very much worth paying a small fee for.

Good luck in the future.

Best Wishes,
Freda (August 2014)

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